The manufacturer Cebal S.A.S. France, manufacture foils and tubes for the cosmetic industry. High shiny little tubes for the expensive and exclusive French make-up industry.
I worked on this project not knowing what to expect.
In the middle of the plant, we interrupted the conveyor line. There where the granulate has become an endless tube and before it was cut into special sized little tubes. Catching it in molds, trying to make sense to it, dropped, manipulated, folding, bending and leading the hot material over the molds. This formed unexpected, inspiring and interesting surfaces, chairs and ... Tubes meant for creams became stools. Foil became a landscape. Shown in Copenhagen at the Showroom.
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Stoel / Stool Stoel en Lamp / Stool and lamp
Kruk / Stool Kruk / Stool
Close up leg Stoel / Chair
Plastic-scape Plastic-scape
Plastic-scape Plastic-scape
Plastic-scape Werken in de fabriek / working at he plant